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ShelterBuddy® Software develops software solutions for animal shelters and animal control agencies for tracking in care pets, adoptions, volunteers, donors, licensing and much more.

ShelterBuddy® caters for advanced shelters / animal control facilities with its pro product, and also for the smaller rescue groups with the express version of the system.


ShelterBuddy® Software was developed by RSPCA Queensland – Australia’s leading Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization. RSPCA Queensland cares for over 53,000 animals per year; we operate 11 shelters throughout the state, employ 415 staff and manage over 5000 volunteers. ShelterBuddy® is a drug free workplace.

One Centralized Data System

Like many shelters, we too suffered the burden of outdated and cumbersome database systems with many data silos making it impossible to have centralized data. Our operational requirements had well and truly outgrown our software – it was time to modernize. Extensive research was carried out both domestically and internationally to find an effective database solution. The results fell short of our expectations – many of the available products were far too exorbitantly priced while others appeared to have been developed for everything but a shelter! The decision was made to combine the industry expertise of Australia’s largest two animal welfare organizations and develop the database solution for the animal care and welfare industry.

Global Shelter Management System

ShelterBuddy® Software has grown into a global shelter software management system utilized not only in Australia, but also New Zealand, America, Canada and most recently our first installation in Europe being Ireland. We have a dedicated and talented software development team and support team managing constant upgrades and features utilizing the latest technology available.


Benefits of ShelterBuddy® System

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1 Database Platform – Tomorrow’s Technology Today 
The software is built on Microsoft SQL Server – the market leading web enabled database platform.
The system is completely web-based and support and upgrades are simple and efficient, with most requests dealt with and finalised within hours.
For our pro customers, a 24 hour global helpline is available from the Contact Us page. This helpline can provide assistance to every level user within your organization and can provide advice on the actual software, administration and common implementation and process advice by experienced animal shelter staff.
All ShelterBuddy® Software users are encouraged to forward suggestions and ideas for new features or alternative ways the system currently deals with a task. These suggestions are reviewed constantly and if seen as a benefit to the majority of users then they are added to the system. Your organization will receive updates advising of the changes and operational details. Customers can have access to a test website so you can review the new enhancements as they are being developed.
The easy part of the implementation is installing the software, the hardest part and most important task of the implementation is training the staff to use the software to its full potential. A major advantage with the ShelterBuddy® Software is that it was designed by Animal Shelter staff with the assistance of suitably qualified process and management experts; therefore the system is very practical and logical. Most users are competent with the system after only 1 or 2 hours training with a comprehensive knowledge and ability to use their required modules within days of practical use. Online help, free call phone assistance, and email support are all part of the ShelterBuddy® Software training regime.
The system is accessible by anyone you wish from anywhere in the world, provided that they have internet access and login details as authorized by your administrator. The system performs best with an enhanced internet connection sized correctly to meet your data transmission needs.
ShelterBuddy® Software has a cloud hosting option so you don’t need any server setup, security, backup and server software - ShelterBuddy® Software can take care of this for you. We do have a on-premise option where you can have the system loaded on a server on your site. It is important that the server is at least what would be considered current market entry standard and sized according to your foreseeable future data traffic needs and accessible by ShelterBuddy® Software support staff at all times. The ShelterBuddy® Software technical team can help provide the technical advice for this hardware scoping exercise.
The system operates on any device that has a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Explorer / Edge.
The return on investment will be obvious when you send your first appeal letter out and the donations start coming in. It is amazing how many data silos of your potential donors' names will be scattered throughout your organization and now with one system collecting the names from all the organization contact points, the purchase of costly acquisition and fundraising lists become a thing of the past. In most cases after only 12 months of operating ShelterBuddy® Software the gross revenue from the next mail out will be more than your purchase price.
The software purchase can be structured to meet your organization's particular needs and resources. Normally the software is purchased outright with the price based on the number of concurrent users; then, what would be considered low in comparison to other systems, a monthly support fee. There are options of smaller up-front fees with an option of monthly charging based on new animal or person records created.


ShelterBuddy has 2 versions to suit the size and complexity of your organization, pro or express. To request a demo get in touch with us via the request a demo page.


  • Animals Processes (Adoptions, stray, reclaims, etc)
  • Medical
  • Behavioural
  • Uploading to 3rd party adoption sites
  • Lost & Found
  • Volunteering
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  • Same features as express
  • Fundraising
  • Licensing
  • Boarding
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatch
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“Previously, our website adoption section was manually updated twice weekly, which meant a lot of people were visiting or calling the shelter about animals adopted days earlier - ShelterBuddy® has solved that problem!”

Shelter Manager, Queensland.

We have developed a great relationship with the team at ShelterBuddy®. They offer a variety of tools essential to the success of our organization and I appreciate their attention to detail in each module. Animal welfare is constantly evolving and ShelterBuddy® is always willing to explore creative ideas we bring forward to increase the effectiveness of the system! The team at ShelterBuddy® understands the complexities of animal sheltering and are supportive and committed to the success of our organization through their platform and our partnership.

Jerrica Owen, San Diego Humane Society.

People's descriptions of animals lost and found rarely match, especially with cross-breeds, so having photos on the site has really helped us identify and match animals with their owners.

Lost and Found Operator

Cutting Edge Features

The following features are either part of the core ShelterBuddy® Software, or they are additional paid addons, contact us for more details on any of these features.


Digital Dashboards

Display your key information to people visiting your shelter. These dashboard screens tell the public how many adoptions you have done for the day, month, year, how many volunteer hours...


Ad Hoc Reporting

If the 700+ canned reports that come standard with ShelterBuddy® Software don’t have the exact layout and data you need you can use our ad hoc reporting tool to create your own custom reports.

medication phone app


Keeping track of what medications have been administered to a pet and which pets have not yet had their medications has always been a nightmare to manage for vet staff. ShelterBuddy alleviates this pain by...


Plus More...

There are many more features available in ShelterBuddy® Software, click below to see more.

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