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One centralized, streamlined record for each animal!

Centralized Animal Record Management - ShelterBuddy® features streamlined, centralized records for each animal, recording everything needed to care for that animal during and beyond its stay in your care. This includes and not limited to:

ShelterBuddy® removes the need for separate database silos for each department, with password access protecting different screens. ShelterBuddy® is one centralized system with one login for each user. ShelterBuddy® also provides auditing on who and when a record was updated. ShelterBuddy® also offers real time, automatic links to and Petfinder for your Adoption Animals – no more time consuming, manual uploading and updating! “Previously, our website adoption section was manually updated twice weekly, which meant a lot of people were visiting or calling the shelter about animals adopted days earlier - ShelterBuddy® has solved that problem!” - Shelter Manager, Queensland.

Cruelty Complaint Investigation

ShelterBuddy® will track reports of animal cruelty from the initial complaint right through to the Investigation, Prosecution and final Court Details. This module will alert inspectors of complaint histories and advise of any potential threats of violence. Critical complaints can be taken via your Call Center and dispatched to a Humane officer within minutes. Citations can be given as well as details about any inspections or investigation, through to prosecution.

Easy Report Facilities

Throw away your calculator - no more painstaking adding up of numbers of animals adopted during a particular week, or animals abandoned at Christmas, or redeemed in March. With the press of a button, ShelterBuddy® creates effortless reports, telling you at a glance how many animals were adopted in any month, total animals arriving at the shelter in one year and numbers of animal's spayed/neutered or vaccinated in the same period. A great tool for Annual Report time or any report time! If the included 700+ canned reports do not have exactly what you need you can use our additional module of ad hoc reporting to create your own! ShelerBuddy includes the shelter animal counts basic animal data matrix and the Asilomar and Maddies reports, all available at the click of a button. “Whether I'm writing funding applications or media releases, ShelterBuddy® provides me with quick, relevant and reliable statistics every time.” - Marketing Officer, Queensland.

Not for Profits rely on their Volunteers

ShelterBuddy® has an integrated volunteer module that allows your volunteers to sign on for their shift and manage their own rosters. The self service style of allowing them to view and update their own details will save your volunteer department time to focus on more important issues.


Fostering out animals to parents can all be tracked including the reason for foster, the date due back, any vet treatments required to be administered, and the details of multiple foster parents.


Entering wildlife animals in the system allows you to track where the wildlife animal was rescued from so that it can be released in the same location, as well as medical information, and in care information.

Fundraising Capabilities

ShelterBuddy® allows you to create fundraising prospect lists while going about your daily housekeeping tasks. ShelterBuddy® provides a comprehensive record system for details of people interacting with your organization to adopt animals or through your lost and found service. These are the key people who have the best possible reason to financially support your shelter! ShelterBuddy® can also manage your existing supporter details, creating all-inclusive donor records showing everything from total donation history, campaigns they have been involved with, bequests, and animals bequeathed to the organization. “Our donors are really responding to the more targeted, personal approach ShelterBuddy® makes possible.” - Fundraising Officer

Avoiding costly mistakes

In animal shelters, human error in data entry can have tragic consequences. A simple mistake entering AIRDALE instead of AIREDALE could lead to matches being missed and heartache for pet owners and your shelter. ShelterBuddy® incorporates a series of drop-down lists and autocomplete fields over free text or memo fields that limit the chance of human error. You can add your own customized lists, from town names to zip codes to animal feature lists relevant to your shelter. Changes to drop-down lists are available to the site administrator access.

Use with existing software

ShelterBuddy® is designed to work with your current accounting and point of sale software, so you don't have to change systems. Your account details and ledger codes can be entered in the receipting module and ShelterBuddy® can provide the relevant reports for exporting into your accounts package.

Looks like we’ve included the kitchen sink

Well maybe not quite the kitchen sink but ShelterBuddy® has the following base modules part of the pro package

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